Regardless of whether you’re a small enterprise, a retailer, a corporation with a hundred employees or a government entity, most businesses fear the down time and transitional issues associated with moving. Prime City Mover’s consultants will advise and partner with you to ensure that the move is as smooth and efficient as possible, so you don’t feel the pinch

Packing Options:
Full Packing: Our professionally trained packers will take care of all your office items and furniture, using the best practice methods and materials in order to ensure everything is stored (packed not stored) safely and efficiently.
Recommended Packing: Once you provide us with the new seating arrangements for all your employees, every member of your staff will be provided with boxes and packing material to ensure that they pack all their personal effects in the manner that suits them best. The boxes are then labeled individually and placed in the new office according to your new seating plan.
Moving Services:
Transport only: If you prefer to do the packing and unpacking yourself, we will manage loading, unloading, and transportation services.
Unpacking: Boxes are opened and your items are carefully remove and placed on a surface of your choice. Dismantling and Assembling: Our professional handymen will carefully dismantle all the required items and easily reassemble them upon arrival at your new office.

Our commitment to quality and security means that we only trained staff for packing and removal services.